Life's Too Cruel

My step-Mother is the kindest, most generous loving person I know. And her daughter, my step-sister, died in a car accident. Soon it's her 26th birthday. She loved fast cars, and she was driving her friend home through the country roads and she drove the car straight into the hedge and they both died. Although I wasn't that close to her, she was still my step-sister and was so sweet and kind and always happy to see anyone. She had so much to live for, and at the funeral 400 people turned up into out tiny country church. It was an absolute tragedy, and although I cry often and think about her all the time. My main concern is my step-mum. She's amazing. She would do absolutely anything for anyone, she always thinks about others before herself, she's happy and funny. She's so caring and thoughtful. And it just makes me angry that out of all the BAST*RDS in the world who do cruel and horrible things... The person who loses someone, who loses a piece of them, just happens to be the nicest person in the world and would/could never hurt anyone else.

Life is truely a bi*ch and it's just so cruel.

DarceySmile DarceySmile
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

I know what u mean life does seem very unfair and un just so many good people are taken and hurt everyday while there is so much scum left to walk the earth people who only damage others and contribute nothing <br />
when a mother loses a child it is a pain that can never be fixed i wish u and your family the best