Very Sad

When I was a teenager there were four of us that hung out in the neighborhood. We all had little brothers and they were best friends as well. One day my friend and her boyfriend decided to go to something called "Valentines Heartbeat" which is a concert at Disney. At the last minute she begged her mom to let her 12 yr old brother go as well. On the way back during their 1 ½ hour drive, her boyfriend fell asleep at the wheel. No one was buckled and she was ejected from the car through the T-top. Her boyfriend was hurt bad enough that he was placed on life support which was turned off a day later and her brother was killed instantly. It was one of the hardest funerals I’ve ever attended and for years her parents blamed her for the loss of their only son. To this day my brother still carries his picture in his wallet and both of us have taken his name as our son’s middle names. As for my friend, she was found in a ditch with broken bones and cuts but was able to attend the funerals in a wheel chair.

I ran into her last year at a high school football game. Our daughters cheer for competitive schools. She looks the same and we said we'd stay in touch but I think those memories are so strong that it instantly comes back. It's sad that she has to live this way and I know she has also lost contact with the others in our group... sadly we all live in a three mile radius.

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It came up on more than one occassion... the hardest part was all the flowers. At funerals they always have these elaborate heart shapes and such... his were skateboards and baseball items.

What a burden she must feel yet.<br />
I'm sure there have beeen many times she wished it was the other way round.<br />