Three Years Ago Today...

Three years ago today my step-dad died in a car accident. He was coming over a hill in the country and the person in front of him was moving slighly slower so he decided to pass. Well, it turns out the person in front was going to make a left turn and didn't use their turn signal. He swerved to miss them and ended up going off an embanked side road into a utility pole. He died instantly. The steering wheel crushed his chest. The utility company said it was a new pole. If it had not been, he would have gone right through. They also said they had never seen a new pole break right in half like that. My step-dad was going 53 mph when he hit the pole six feet in the air. We didn't find out till the next morning that he had died. My mom was out of town and had no cell signal. My step-dad's brother was notified but did not call any of us. We found out when the sheriff's office called my dad to locate my mom. It was the scariest and worst feeling I have ever had when my brother came to my door to tell me. It still terrifies me when I think of that moment that he told me.

We went out to the crash site today to change the flowers on the memorial we have set up out there. Today has been a hard day.

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I cried for you when I read your story..its hard to loose a parental figure at anytime but must be especially hard to loose a family member so abruptly. although it is not mine I feel your pain.

Is not easy to loose a <br />
Loved one, and specially <br />
That way, when is <br />
Unexpected and in the <br />
Worse circunstance, <br />
You will never forget <br />
That day, it will stay <br />
In your memories, try <br />
To think he is in a<br />
Better place now, <br />
That's how I think when <br />
They are gone, but <br />
It looks like you had <br />
A strong connection <br />
With him, and it maybe <br />
Harder for you to deal <br />
With, sorry hopefully <br />
You'll get better with time <br />

I'm sorry. Loosing someone like that is excruitiatingly hard. (((hugs)))

I can just about know what you went through when you found out the devastating news about your step father. My heart goes out to you and your family!<br />
<br />
I lost my first love in a working truck accident in 1985 and I to this day am still grieving. This happened 25 years ago but in my heart I still have him near. We were both 21 at the time and we were supposed to have been married in 1986 :( I miss him terribly and even though I have been in previous relationships and in a currently one now, I still think of him almost everyday.<br />
<br />
He was a passenger in a work truck at the time. Apparently, according to witnesses their small truck collided with a two trailer carrier (furniture removal truck) It spun in the air at least three times before resting upright. The driver was found still in his seat and the steering wheel was em<x>bedded in his stomach. My Johnny' was found at the base of the floor of his seat in the truck. He was mangled to bits. I'm not sure if by using a seat belt may have prevented one or both from losing their lives, but it could have. Both their caskets had to be closed because of the injuries they obtained (please forgive me if I'm offending anyone with this). This is the first time I have actually talked open about this. The picture of the accident was put up in the local newspaper the following day. I still have it. I am finding it hard to let him go :( Maybe it's because I don't want too! <br />
Sending big hugs for you and your family. I feel for you..Blessing x0

I don't know how close you were with your step-father, but I sense there was a good relationship. Anyway, you dont have to share the same blood to feel sad about a lose. I am sorry you feel this way and your mom needs alot of support and love. I wish there was something more comforting i can say but I am here if u just want to be heard. TAKE CARE.