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Roadside Crosses

It's a little more than 6 months since he was killed.

I guess I've almost gotten used to him being gone. Almost.

And I don't say I "lost" him. He was taken, killed.

There was so many things about that event that cause it not to be an accident.

The woman. Nutbag, evil, vile creature, old bat...should not have been on the road at all. Under evaluation for care possibly.

And now I get to explain a little more. I'm getting a weary of people saying to 'let it go'.

She, had had medical issues requiring medical care and medication for years.  But...she went to a church prayer and healing service and was 'healed'. Just a couple of weeks before. Stopped taking her meds, went off her special diet.

She had been having black-outs. She had been involved in not one minor fender bender, but three 'accidents' in the previous four days, two of them with injuries.

That night she had had several 'spells' at work, one seeming to be a seizure of some sort.

An ambulance was called. Her daughter was called.

She refused the ambulance, and told her daughter "the Lord will see me home"; and the idiot daughter let her drive.

She began her twenty minute drive home.  Within five minutes she is caught on traffic cams weaving. She came close to running two cars off the road.

She continued to drive. She continued to weave...hitting the grass on both sides of the road. She gained speed.

Finally she drove almost a quarter of a mile up and ultimately across a WIDE median becoming air-born.....

 mean while....

 He had just gotten onto the interstate... was happy, going to work his first day, at a job he had dreamed of most of his life. (odd but true)

 Happier than he had ever been. He then sees a car...air-born..

She hit him head on, the police accident reconstruction and witnesses all put her at exceeding 80 mph at the time of impact.

She died. Too bad.

He did not. He was awake and aware, the entire time the EMT's and rescue were cutting apart his car like a jig-saw puzzle. he was awake, and talking.

He had been an EMT, had responded on such calls himself. He had assessed himself. He KNEW.( I am grateful to the EMT that talked to him, and relayed the conversation to me later) I am not grateful to the witnesses graphic descriptions.

They could not sedate him until he was extracted from the car, and in the chopper.

His injuries were beyond extensive.

Mean while....

The daughter  was in the trailing traffic...she saw her mother's car, with her mother in it, and continued home. Using her cell to call the NEWS stations and Papers.

I arrived at the hospital, and while waiting for the surgeon I watched her interview, and her mother's neighbor's interview on the noon news, where it had been run several times already because of the traffic jam caused by the accident.

Hence the title of this story.

I have traveled that road several times since.

And everytime I pass there there is another of those damned roadside, tacky crosses. Just one. For the old bat.

I stop and yank it out.

It is an affront.

I know someone will say it's about their grief and healing. Bull crap!!

It's about wanting other people to see 'how much they loved momma"

The quote that makes me gag to this very moment "God called her home, and Jesus took the wheel"

What about the life she stole?

Those crosses.... they only serve as a reminder of the stupidity of those people.

I didn't loose someone in a car accident. He had his life stolen by an idiot who was encouraged by a fool. This was no accident.

This was avoidable, it was foreseeable. It was arrogance.

It was a final destination moment. "Who would even think about a car dropping out of the sky on them?"

So....for now....I pull over and yank those damned things out of the ground.

And quite frankly...I don't give a damn about their grief.

I have other less kind thoughts about those people and their stupidity. And wish nightmares beyond all imagining on them, for starters. And I honestly hope they wonder who it is that keeps taking the crosses.

So much for my image as  a nice little old flower child.

Toby2day Toby2day 51-55, F 4 Responses Apr 14, 2010

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(((Hugs))) I miss him too.

I've grown up on the water. And have responded to such calls as you mention. <br />
I am so sorry.<br />
<br />
Namaste friend

Thank you

Toby......I am grieving with you............I am so sorry to know this happened to you and yours.<br />
It is sick how some get away with this kind of irresponsible behavior.......<br />
I have no words that can help heal you for i lost a love of mine by murder hit and run by a boat as she was leads.......... few witnesses who were worthless........... my heart bleeds for you<br />
<br />
Love, Light and Blessings,<br />
<br />