My father/dad/best friend

He was a great man.  He was my best friend.  Ever since I was born he was always there.  He helped raise me when I was little.  He took care of my mother when she was sick and raised me after she died.
He made a lot of sacrifices to make sure that I was taken care of.  He diligently went through picking someone to help with household duties when my mother became ill.  His selection was very important.  This was someone who was going to help him raise me after my mother died.  He picked a wonderful woman (Maybelle) and I learned a lot about life from her.  She would cook and bake and talk to me.  When I had struggles in school she had a lot of wisdom.  My father did a great job of picking her.
When he had to go away for business, he left me in Maybelle’s care knowing that I would be safe.  I was.  She was great.
When my father returned it felt like he had been gone for an eternity.  We did everything together.  We would fish, go for walks, talk about mom, everything.
He was my best friend.  He taught me how to treat people with respect, how to be a good person.  I worked hard to make sure that he was proud of me.  When I graduated high school and college, I could tell how proud he was.  When I decided to get my master’s and doctorate he was beaming.
He was always there for me.  Through my first marriage and divorce, through some really bad illnesses my father was ALWAYS there.  We took trips together, went shooting, played golf.
When I told him that I had met the love of my life, he knew I meant it.  I called my father the day I saw Wilde in the grocery store and told him that I had seen and met an angel.  He laughed a little at first.  He later said I sounded like a kid getting a Radio Flyer red wagon on my birthday or a bike for Christmas.  He knew I was happy.
I think he thought I was nuts because I couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful woman I had met and how I got the courage to ask her out.  I told him about every date we had.  I told him how special she was to me.  That’s when he said he wanted to meet her.
He did.  He took her to lunch and they talked.  Later that night I called Wilde to see how lunch had gone with my dad.  Wilde told me that she thought my father was a very special man and could see that I got my gentlemanlike qualities from him.
Before I called Wilde, I called my father to see what he thought of her.  I was already in love with her and ready to ask her to marry me.  My father told me that he could see why I was so happy and that Wilde reminded him of mom and Maybelle. 
He said Wilde has an easy sense of class and style that is natural.  He said that she is a very gentle and regal woman and that he was proud that he had raised a son who could see that in a woman.  He told me to slow down and not to blow it because Wilde was a rarity.  He reminded me to always be a gentleman and that Wilde would definitely be able to tell the difference between a man who was genuine and a man who was faking it.  My father saw a lot more in Wilde in the three hours with her than I had on several dates.  He was really good at judging people’s character.  He said, “Son, she is the real deal.  Treat her with respect.”
My father loved me and adored Wilde.  He was a kind and gentle man but stood his ground when he needed to.  He didn’t spoil me but made sure that I was well taken care of.  He taught me the things I needed to know about life.  He taught me the most important thing, how to love.  Because of his love of my mother and his love for me, I learned how to love and be loved.
I remember the smile on his face when I told him that I had proposed to Wilde.  He was so happy for me.
I’m glad that he got to see me marry the woman of my dreams.  Even though he was too weak to walk the distance down the long church aisle, he stood up and met Wilde at the Alter and kissed her.
At the reception he surprised us.  He had enough strength in reserve to dance with Wilde while “Thank heaven for little girls” played.
He said to me that was the best present he ever had.  He jokingly said after dancing with Wilde that he could die a happy man.
I truly miss my dad but I am happy that he is now with my mom.

I have written about my dad a few times before about how he raised me.
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And when I told him I had proposed to Wilde.
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First...I am very sorry to learn of your loss. Each moment you spent with him molded your life...for the better. In turn, he did a great job by being your father... You and yours are in my thoughts...and prayers.

Thank you. EE.

No thanks are necessary. Be well..

I know what it is like to have a well beloved father, and to lose him. You have my sympathy. I'm so happy to read the stories of you and your wife, and your childhood. They are wonderful.

Thank you Ms. Nips.

Daddy Swords treated me like a son. He was great when my wife died. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for him, you and Wilde. Since his wife died when she was young, he could relate with me losing my wife. He was a man beyond measure. Heaven is truly rejoicing at his arrival. I know my wife and daughter are in very good hands with him up in Heaven watching out for them. Daddy Swords will be very much missed.

What a beautiful story and more so what a wonderful loving father you were blessed to have. You ARE his legacy to the world. It was meant to be that he saw you and Wilde marry.<br />
<br />
I know in my heart that he and your mother are watching down upon you and your wife from heaven. You will always carry him and your mother inside your heart. <br />
<br />
***Love, peace and many blessings to you***

Daddy Swords was one of the finest men I've ever known. It was an honor to dance with him at our wedding. I will miss our lunch get-togethers.

You are a lucky woman, Wilde.

What a beautiful tribute to your father. I'm sure he is in heaven with your mother telling her all about the wonderful woman you chose to spend your life with and how very proud he is of you both. <br />
<br />
Always remember the times you had together and the love you shared and he will never be truly gone from you.<br />
<br />
He sounds like he was one of the really special men that lived a full life of love and laughter. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you Jacee. He was a very special man. He never remarried after my mom died. He dated and had lots of women who wanted to marry him but he never did.

Even at the retirement center he had women flocking to be with him. I thought it was humorous to see 80-year old women having cat fights over who got to sit next to my dad at bingo.

I remember asking him once why he hadn't remarried and he said he never found someone as special as my mom. He said it didn't bother him because one day he would be reunited with my mom. That is truly a man who loves a woman.

And now they are together. What a wonderful thing to hold onto now. I bet your Dad was a feisty man even at 80 :-) He sounds wonderful.

Jacee, my dad was close to 90 years old. The women were considered to be young chicks at 80. One woman got upset that she couldn't sit next to my father once and dumped iced tea on another woman who insisted on sitting next to him. They regress as they age. Worse than children and you can't spank them. Dad was spry. LOL. I'm happy dad is now with mom. No fighting in Heaven.

Your dad sounded like a wonderful man that would have kept the ladies quite entertained. It's truly a shame that more men today aren't more like your father. What an awesome place it would be if they were.

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Be sure You've offered Your father the most marvelous gift You could do.<br />
Just before he walk to Light, he known the most beautiful moment possible.<br />
Have a dance with the marvellous woman You choose and he had blessed.<br />
Be sure he took with him this wonder " souvenir ".<br />
You keep a very nice memory of Your father, keep his image in Your mind for the rest of Your life !

Thank you Julie.

Thank you David.