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I knew he was dead before he did. I couldn't help him. Pale green faced and skin and bone. Emaciated.  I feel so much sadness and guilt  that I didn't have the strength to care for him at the end but his lifestyle was horrific. I was even scared to look at him when he popped in. A tortured soul. Smiling, yet the loneliness seeped from him. So gentle and lost. I miss the 'real' him. Not the man that he had become but the man that he was. What an ugly drug it is. They found him dead in his flat. He deserved better. Rest in peace xxx

I thought of you the other day. 3 years have passed. I miss you David. I wish things could have been better for you. I just wish that life hadn't presented you with so many problems the only way you could cope was by taking heroin to block the pains you had to endure. I can't wait to see you at heavens door looking so healthy and happy. I miss you.
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I could have written this- I've never responded to anything like this before but I had to say something. Everything you wrote is true for me too- I feel so guilty I couldn't deal with my brother when he was on it- he was so lonely but I didn't want to see him. I still cry all the time n hope to see him in heaven

Jade 2014, It's such a waste of life to die from this drug. If I could go back im not sure if I would or could do things differently. It's such an awful thing to watch someone you love self destruct. I hope things get better for you.

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I know what you are saying. Andrew died 30 years ago and I still miss him.