Snowy Memories :)

My favourite memory of my brother involves him, and I and a snowy morning/middle of the night.

I was less than 14 years old and sneaking out barefoot, running down to the bottom of the garden in the snow seemed like such an adventure!

Of course, being the older brother it was he who decided to challenge me to this "feat"! "Come on" he says, as he ran to the gate, without his shoes or socks in 2 inch high snow; "you're such a wuss. "

All this while, mum's in bed and we're trying not to wake her. Had we been older, we may have realised that she was drunk - so fast asleep.

We could probably have thrown a snowball (or icicle!) at her, but we didn't think about that - she was our mum.

Well, we miraculously survived without frostbite - and then decided to go on a mad cap adventure. This was at 2 am in the morning - me at 14 ish and my brother about 17.

There was an old coal mine close to where we lived. A close-by coal-hill covered in grass and snow; a children's playground - of course, mum told us more than repeatedly not to go there, but at 14 with your cool older brother, what are you going to do? You don't want to seem like a square.

So you follow blindly as off he goes, into the cold, snowy night. I still love snow to this day - it reminds me of then - an innocent time, a time I knew my brother was ace.

With the snow flakes dropping upon my face, we neared the top of the hill. To run down it (towards the busy main road as it turns out - but it didn't seem so scary that night!)
And run down we did !It was exhilarating! I'm not sure anything of the time compared to the experience! His almost manic laughter, dropping to the floor and rolling down the hill. I, of course, being this straight laced square, enjoyed it at first...then I saw the ditch at the bottom; with the dreaded busy main road after that - of course just how busy it was at 2 am on some snowy winter day is debatable.

We returned home that evening, cold, wet, covered in snow, but completely exhilerated. (apart from the embarrassing "square" of a little sister who had panicked when she got to the ditch and landed in a hedge.)

I was completely expecting a row with mum when we got in - but - unbelievably, we got away with it - our footprints in the snow the only reminder of the adventure that had befallen us that fateful, snowy, winter evening.

Had you pulled me aside that night, would you have convinced me that one day, I'd lose this very brother to the most evil of drugs, would I have believed you? NO - I thought you had to be depressed to be into those drugs - how can someone who has had that much fun, get into a position that his next hit seems like the only thing in the world?
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