Lost My Bestfriend To Herion

I lost my best friend on Noveber 9th, 2011.... she came over from victoria to vancouver to visit me. we went had drinks all day, went bowling during the night. we were sleeping in a tent for the night. so we went back to were the party was and I told her she could sleep in my tent. there were so many people there and ashlie got along with everyone. I had no clue she was in trouble with heroin...i knew she did it before in her life, but she was doing so good...she was beautiful...just got a job to be a piercer at the shop. anyway. before I went to bed at around midnight i seen her sitting on the curb with her hands in her head. I figured she was sad about her boyfriend or something so I thought i should give her space. so i went into the tent. she came in at about 5 am and layed down beside me to go to sleep, she talked to me for a good half hour or so before we said "goodnight love yah" when I woke up at around 9am i put my boots on but her face was turned away from me and she was wrapped in a sleeping bad ( she loved to sleep in ) so I thought I would let her sleep, so i went out and did things for the day came back around 5 pm i figured she would have left and seen her boyfriend he was just down the street from where we were staying. but i noticed her shoes still there...i went into the tent and flipped her over and she was blue ...she had been gone for hours and I had no clue. I blamed myself for awhile....thinking WHAT THE **** I COULD HAVE SAVED HER.... i really wish I could have...I wish she would have told what she did. I love ashlie with all my heart.
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