To Me You'Ll Always Be 18...

We lost you our senior year. Our class clown. I remember coming in to my first hour, the first of two classes I shared with you, dreading it. I sat down, looked around the room, I saw the faces of the ones who knew, and the ones who where about to find out. Your chair was empty, never to be filled again. The class was silent when the principal came over the intercom, "We have some bad news, over spring break we lost one of our seniors John. Lets have a moment of silence." You could feel the pain and mourning in our room. I couldnt hold it anymore you are gone. We were friends for years. We hung out just a few weeks before hand you were your bubbly goofy self. Everything seemed fine. How could you have started falling back without any of us noticing? Just out of the blue you're gone, another one taken away from heroin. This wasnt your first over dose but you survived the first one, but you picked yourself back up, got clean and got your life back on track. You were supposed to be in MEXICO you werent even supposed to be here for spring break. All of us blame ourselves. We are sorry we didnt see it. We love you john and miss you like crazy. Our class clown became our class angel. Fly high beautiful angel.
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