PLEASE Cure Hiv/aids!

I have lost a girlfriend to AIDS and I have lost many other friends over the years to AIDS. I myself have AIDS, so in a way, my life has been partially lost to it too. ---------------------------
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pray... stay healthy as u can

I'm sincerely sorry for your life being so affected by HIV/AIDS. My heart goes out to you. There are cures for this disease that the doctors don't want anyone to know about. Do a search and see what comes up. Try AIDS Cure.<br />
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Good Luck & God Bless You Always

Well I did marry eventually to another HIV positive woman whom I think I am better suited with.<br />
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I too wish more could be for anyone anywhere who cannot cover the cost of any doctor recommended treatment. Like people in Canada with HIV or some states in USA (higher the taxes, more help there usually is) can get all costs covered with government help. Too bad not every country has the money to do this. BTW, terrorism will always exist if other nations are jealous of how one nation is doing better, it's time everyone sponsors everyone!