If You Are Drunk Please Don't Drive

I had to call 911 on a man driving drunk. Fortunately, he drove through a restaurant where I work. He was visably in a drunken state. I hope they caught up with him. I hope they pulled him over to the side of the road before he caused an accident maybe a serious one. Before his actions caused someones disability or death.
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I agree! I am so adamantly against driving drunk. My mom was drunk when I was a kid and landed us in a ditch sideways. I was so terrified, and glad no one got killed. It really makes me furious when people are so careless and drive drunk. Unfortunately my mom still drives drunk sometimes, and it is a point of contention between us.

Yes you are right on both things.

Whatis sad is a lot of them dont even know they drove drunk until they wake up in jail the next morning being told they have killed somebody. There should always be a designated driver.