My Suicidal Attempt.................didn't Really Do It!

Hey everyone this is my first story! I am here to talk about how I wanted to kill myself because I went through a rough couple of patches this past year! Things happened that made me get really depressed and wanting to end it all! Then I told my mom and she begged me not to leave this world that way! Asked me if I needed her to help me find a psychologist to talk to! I said yes I want to get better. I don't want to hurt u guys anymore than I already have! My mom thought it was great I got help within the week I said yes! I knew I didn't really want to die deep down! I was almost to the point of no return! I realized how much people love me it be freinds,family,or teachers/coaches! Please tell yourself it will get better! If anyone needs to talk Im here!
Lovinglife22 Lovinglife22
18-21, F
May 9, 2012