I Was The Only One That Didnt Get A Text....

my best friend passed away on the 25th september 2005, 4 months after her attempt to take her own life.....she was a diabetic and took over 500 units of insulin which sent her into a coma!! She did wake up eventually but was badly brain damaged...she was placed in a nursing home where she died from a severe chest infection ( her immune system was damaged from the insulin)....she was 21!!
she sent a couple of text messages to people the night she took the insulin..i never recieved one. She was my daughters god-mother and my one and only true friend!! I am so angry at her for leaving me and for not knowing why... i always think if she had text me she would still be here because i would of gone to her (the other people she text ignored her cry for help) its been nearly 5 years since she has gone and i still cry for her, when something upsets me or im having a hard time i sit on her grave for hours just listening to my ipod and i feel close to her again...i didnt just lose my best friend once, i lost her twice. when she took the insulin i lost her loud bubbly personality and the sound of her voice but she was still with me and when she died i lost it all over again.
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I'm sorry. I feel the same way about my brother. If he'd sent me an SOS just before he attempted it, I would have halted my world to be there. He said or hinted nothing. It hurts. He gave nobody a chance. I'm so sorry for you.