I Dreamed Of You

You know I haven't really dreamed about you since your birthday... I didn't get more then 2 shots of the Jager I had bought for your birthday my friends had already helped them selves heh, you would have liked these guys, maybe they could have saved you, but thinking like that is dangerous so lets move on shall we? I'm losing the dream a little but that's ok I'm sure I know how it goes I've only dreamed about you for a a year or more now all of them the same... This is the one where nothing exists except you and me.... but only small pieces of us, only two dimensional versions of our waist up. We talk but I can't hear and then your angry accusing me and sound comes back but it's not your voice or it's distorted you asking "Why didn't you help me" I can't say anything and then I'm screaming because you've put the gun to your mouth and then the bang! I wake up sleep is not to follow until a bowl or a few shots. I get out of my bed my thoughts are only of you, trying to remind myself it isn't really my fault. Then after a bowl reality sinks in and I know what is real and what is in dream land.
Darkbear333 Darkbear333
18-21, F
Jan 26, 2011