The Worst Kind of Mourning

My friend Jack killed himself last summer (2007). He had been battling with depression for pretty much his whole life, and had attempted suicide several times, so it wasn't completely shocking.

I think the worst thing about losing someone to suicide is that people aren't nearly as empathetic--within two days of him dying I had already had three or four of my closest friends say that he was in hell. My Dad said that he was probably possessed by demons. When I've lost other friends, there was this huge basis of support and everyone tried their best to be understanding, but people are so afraid and against suicide that they forget that it is the loss of a person.
I'm really hoping that it's because I'm in the middle of the Bible belt, and people elsewhere are more humane about the whole thing.
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And, I bet those same people do worse things than killing themselves. <br />
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Losing my friend Ryan, like Jack, hurts. He was my late night go get a beer friend. Regardless of the time or the night, Ryan was always game. <br />
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It's sad that those people weren't more sad about losing Jack. If they were, the last thing they'd care about is whether or not his soul is damned. Leave that to God and poets.