Isabelle.... April 27, 1997- May 21, 2011. Rest In Peace, Our Dear Angel <3

Her name was Isabelle Marie. She was my best friend.. her and another best friend, Virginia both passed away. I have another story about Virginia.. She was hit by a drunk driver. At her funeral, I was singing.. and Isabelle lost it. She got up and ran into the bathroom, and it was decided to let her cool down and let off some steam for a while. After a little bit, when the funeral was done of course, I was told to go  check for her when she still hadn't come back.. My family was sitting with hers and Virginia's and I was the closest to hte edge. I walked into the bathroom... and you should have heard me scream. There was my beautiful best friend, the perfect one, the rich one.. laying there in a pool of blood. Her golden blond curls were soaked, and her already pale, freckled face was as white as death. She had cut a vein or something.. she was trying to kill herself. She couldn't take the thought of a friend that she had known since she was born was gone. Just like that. We had to stay together... because that what we had always done.
Alarmed by my scream, adults crowded around the bathroom, and her parents, my parents, andVirginia's parents pushed through the croud. We were all shocked at the sight... And as the paramedics arived, I got to ride with Isabelle in the ambulence. When she gained conciousness... Her mother told her she was going to a different hospital. One for "people like her". Isabelle looked right at me, her blue eyes filled with an angry fire... and she said the words that broke my heart. The last words I had ever heard from her. "I hate you, Mariah. I will NEVER speak to you again. NEVER!" And she started crying. I wasn't a sad cry though.. her tears were filled with genuine hatred. She really wanted to die...
And with that, I was rushed out of the room. I was crying by then too.
A year later, my cousin, Janie told me that Isabelle got out of rehab.. but she was found cutting herself, so she went back. For just another year. Once she got back, she apparently put on quite an act. She said she loved life. She said nothing about me... This was just a day before everyone figured out just how much she decieved them. Just how much she was hurting still.. how shocked she was that both of her best friends were gone. One she just decided to push away. She hung herself from a rafter in her attic. She was only 14....
I still call her my best friend. I never hated her, even if she hated me. I did all I could to save her.. and I should have done more. I should have talked to her. I might have been able to save her again..
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Hey I am here if you need to talk! I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to suicide! nd I, so sorry!

Thak you soo much:)

Hon I'm so sorry you went through this. I'm am positive she didn't hate you. Some people only know how to deal if they are blaming someone else. Chin up.sweetie each day will get a little easier! Message me whenever you want!

Thank you so much! Yes, I hope she didn't hate me. ..!