Myself Trying To Attempt Suicide........but Didn't Go Through With It!

Hi I am new here to EP! I here to tell you I was once a suicide victim you should say! That is how I'm going to put it don't know what else to say but anyway! Please take what I'm about to say to heart and really think it over. They are amazing and helpful words! I was in a couple of rough patches about year ago today! They were horrifying I didn't think they were possible to happen to me! Im sonics and caring! They drove me to want to end my life! My mom told me to promise her I wouldn't because I told her what was going on! She offered to help me find a physiologist! I had an appointment t with one within that week!it was amazing that I actually wanted help! I felt like a hero for we ting that! I also wanted help because I knew how much I would be missed! My family,friends,teachers/ coaches would grieve in hatred over me not sorrow or happiness! They love me I can tell that! It's hard to d that when u find that! Please consider getting help if u feel like I was feeling! If you ever need to talk I am here for everyone! Like I know hey are here for me!
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As a pastor most people who attempt to commit suicide and who do follow through are wanting help. They do not want to die. Some die because they slip through the cracks. They do not get the help needed.<br />
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I am glad that you saw this and that your mom was supportive, you friends and teachers that care. Never take that for granted. As a EP Volunteer I want to thank you for adding me as a friend. Please feel free to message me if you need to talk. I am here to help in any way that I can.

Thanks and your welcome!

Do you take any medicines with you?

Yes I do!