Jeremy, A Tribute To My Best Childhood Friend.

Let us dig a hole today to see where it may lead, let us make our own path while walking through the trees. You and I have memories no one could take away, I always thought you'd be there, you decided not to stay. Jeremy's finely spoken and his word will be the last, We may not have a future but we'll always have our past...
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5 Responses May 12, 2012

You and Jeremy will have memories that no one will ever share. I am not sure how old you are dear now. But whatever you accomplish think about him watching over you. Think of him being next to you.

Sorry, beautiful tribute to your friend, if only he could see it!

I am so sorry for your lost. My niece was twenty when she hung herself too She was my best friend especially in the latter years of her life. She always called me her youth pastor. It was especially hard on me because I always tried to protect her. This time I failed to protect her from her.

Nobody knew. He ended up hanging himself when He was 20 years old. We were best friends since the age of 5.

I'm so sorry where at! Why do people have to kill themselves?

My niece hung herself too at the age of twenty. . I will not pretend to know what it has been like for you. But I know what it has been like for me and I try to focus on the good memories.

Hey I am so sorry! How did he kill himself and why? How old was he?