Graduating High School!

Hey everyone here's anew story! I'm so stressed out because my senior year is coming to a close and I hate that! My aunt won't be able to see me graduate! She was my favorite aunt! Why does cancer have to exist? I hate cancer it should and never present itself again! I'm always worried about losing someone else because I have lost so many people! She was always stuck in the hospital! That suicide death in my family still gets to me! God keeps taking the ones I love away for me and I don't understand why? What did I ever do to deserve people dying around me. I can't take people dying!i didn't even get to say goodbye to my aunt.whats really hard is having my cousin in prison and not being able to say goodbye to our aunt! I love you aunt Diane! Christopher I hope to see you soon behave in there can't wait to see you! Love you with all my heart! Come out back to your family where you belong and stay out promise me!
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i lost my best friend/step-brother in late 2005. then in late 2006, a day before my cousins birthday, i lost my grandma whom i had been living with. they were the most important people in my life and i lost them both when i was fifth and sixth grade. needless to say that my life fell apart. my grades dropped, icouldnt focas, and i couldnt talk about it. and having devorced parents, it was harder finding out about the deaths when i was at the wrong parents house. but everyone seemed fine. until i was at my dads over the summer and found out my cousin on my moms side had started cutting herself. she had a super hard time dealing with the death of our grandma, but her mom found out and they got her help. if your ever feeling sad, or depressed and you wasnt to end it all, just reach out. and we all miss our family members. but think of the pain they were in. whether cancer, or like my grandma, stroke and gang green, or by brother, who got in a horrible car accident. he had asthma and would have probably had a hard time with life. its hard, but you have to let go. and believe me, i know how hard it is to want someone at your graduation. i wish my grandma could have been there last night, but i know she watches over me, and is proud.

Im so sorry! My graduation was last night to!

I read your story wrong and the mother was a different post from a different EP user. I am sorry about that part. But the friend still had an impact on her and you. The first thing I would recommend is that you do everything you can for your mother. Spend quality time with your mom.<br />
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I was a guard and if you want to help your cousin have you and your mom go to the prison to visit. Have her put you on her visitors list. You cannot do this until she adds you. But if she knows how much she is loved and cared for it is likely she will not return to prison. <br />
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Please send me a private message and we can talk about this more in detail.

My precious precious child,<br />
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You certainly have had your share of pain in your life at a young age. It makes me cry to think of the pain you have had in your life. You needed your mom and your aunt and you do not have that now. You need your uncle who is in prison and I know what that is like because I used to be a guard.<br />
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I tried to treat them with respect and courtesy. I definitely feel your pain. I am so sorry that you are going through so much. You are right to have all of these feelings. But please promise me you will seek help if you feel that suicide is the answer. I promise you that it is only a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Hey I didn't lose my mom she lost my sunt her best friend and it's my cousin in prison! I miss her so much what do I do?

Also the fact that your cousin is in prison is still like you have lost her because she is not around you. The effects are the same.