I Miss You.

He was my big brother. When we were little, Danny would torture me by beating me up and putting bugs in my food. He even pushed me during a rock climbing. But at the end of the day, we were always best friends. loved him very much. Everybody liked him. He moved with his dad while I dealt with my mom. He came looking for me during my years of abuse my my daughters father. The thing about Danny was he would go out of his way to help you with anything and never opening up about his problems. He had depression, and his father wasn't exactly a number one dad. One day, he turned his phone off and locked everything up. Wrote a letter, and hung himself. When I found out, it really did feel like my world came crashing down. It was him and me against the world, and now he's gone.
I still can't bear to go to his old house and see his room. He didn't even get to see my daughter.
No matter how amazing somebody is, they don't live forever. Sometimes not as long as most people. It really does show that you never honestly appreciate someone until they are gone, and you can't have them back. Danny's death has given me a more appreciative outlook on life. I now see everything at their best, and cherish moments I never did before. But still, my heart aches. I want him back so bad, I want my big brother, my best friend back.
concreteswan concreteswan
18-21, F
May 22, 2012