Painful Anniversary

In a little over a week the 7th year anniversary of Mike's decision to leave this earth approaches. It is always a very difficult time of the year for me.

Throughout the years of his passing, he makes his presence known to me, an opening door, a whiff of scotch, the eerie timing of a song, etc... The most recent visit was prankish at best.

I was married to Mike's best friend for over 20 years. 18 months ago we separated after 2 decades. It has been a roller coaster as was our marriage. Mike's birthday was in June and it ended with an over the phone toast with his sister and mom, a jigger of Dewers. Mike's mom asked if I would pass on a hello to my former husband. I reluctantly agreed, as I know it was important to her.

I chose to do so late that night as I was driving to work. I knew my husband would not answer the phone as he would be with his girlfriend. It was a cop out, but a way to fulfill the promise. I dialed his number on my cell and from the release of the very first word came a flood of emotions. I was sobbing like a maniac while delivering the "hello" on to his voice mail. I mortified, as I came off like a crazy woman. I went to hang up the phone and it would not hang up. After numerous attempts I found my inner sailor and began screaming every curse word in the English language at the phone. When I say screaming, I mean screaming. Finally, after he had enough evidence to commit me, the phone hung up. At the very instant the phone hung up the song "I alone" came on the radio.

I switched from crazy sobbing and swearing to laughing out loud. Months before Mike's death, we all went out for Karaoke. It was Halloween and Mike was dressed as Elvis. He approached me and told me he was going to sing my favorite song. I had never told anyone what my favorite song was. He got up and sang "I Alone" I later asked how he knew. We had attended a Live concert a few years prior. He told me that he saw my face during the performance of the song and just knew. Wow...

Mike was a prankster. I may have chalked up the phone mayhem as a phone glitch, had it not been the perfect timing of the song. Thanks buddy...

So as this week approaches and I get that tightening in my chest that comes every year, I will try to remember the good times, the laughter and the pranks.
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2012

Sept 3rd, 2005 was the last time I saw Mike...Sept 5th, 2005 Is the day he left this earth...Sept 6th, 2005 is when I answered the phone with Mikes dad on the other end telling me my best friend left us. I have never fully healed from this loss. These days are the hardest for me.

So so sorry I am here for you ((hugs))