That Day.

It was my little sisters birthday. She was 13 and she just got this new computer. She was so happy. She went on its right away. She was so happy to make a Facebook. She loved it she was always on, she would come home from school and get on it right away. Sarah was popular. But just some people didnt like her because they were jeouls. I'm guessing her best friend was. Her best friend made a fake Facebook and made it look so real. My sister accepted the friend request. This guy was really her best friend. This person was bullying her. She was posting stuff everywhere. She posted this picture of Sarah and it said that Sarah slept with him and gave him stds. Sarah was so confused and didn't know what to do. Everyone started to make these videos of her saying how she was the biggest ***** it wasn't good, Sarah wouldn't tell anyone. A couple of months later this guy started stalking her. He wanted money from her. I don't know why but he did. He said that he wanted to meet Sarah and Sarah met up with him behind our parents backs. She ran away with him. When she came back my stepdad started hitting her beating her up. Mom wouldn't do anything. The only food she would get was at school. She always wanted to go to school because there was peace there without yelling parents. But then school got worse too. People telling her she's not worth living here. And that she should kill herself or they would do it for her. So bad. She would come home, and our stepdad wold say how she's ugly and mean stuff, then this one day she came home from school, and she went to her room and made this video it said "my name is Sarah. I don't know why everyone hates me so much. But now I hate me too. I don't see why there's any reason to keep trying. Keep talking. Or to keep breathing. I guess this is goodbye." I saw it at school I drove so fast at school while calling the police. I went in the bathroom and it was to late. I could have saved her but it was to late. She took 58 pills. I just wish she could be here today.
R.I.P. Sarah I love you so much <3
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2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Hey I am so sorry about yur loss! This reminds me of cyber bully so much!

this is from the film 'cyberbully' suicide isn't something to joke about, this is sick and should be removed