Few Years On........

few years on and it stil hurts like hell as if it was onli yesterday.... wel he was my uncle ''charlie brown" the cheeky one,..... i was in aussie on holiday with good friends of the family... and we get bk one day from a wonderful day of shopping, pulling up the street and here is standing in the driveway turnd up unexpectidly. i text my mum asking if she was going to ring me tonight uncle charles was here (her brother) the reply 'no not tonight i rang last night how come? oh i thought u would have wantd to talk to your brother" (little did she no that would have been the last time she would have talked to him) she had said ill ring him another day and he nos my number... so that was that.

i get home from holiday a few days later same time as he came home well except he lived in dif city. every thing was goin well looking his photos he gave me to take home that were taken in canada..... then not even a month later from my holiday i remember it was a fri morn bout 4.30am there was a BANG BANG BANG at the door. i jumped up in my bed not knowing what to do or who on earth it would be. then again BANG BANG BANG at the door. i hear mum get up and answer the door. asking if she was his sister. she said yes. for a min it sounded like 2 of her friends playing a trick untill i heard "may we come in you may need to sit down" i couldnt hear part of the convo but i remember clear as days her asking why what is going on then her burst into tears saying nooo nooo..... didnt want it to be true. i get up to find out whats wrong and she tells me charlies dead......... and i jus bawl my eyes out... 4.30 in the mrn she on the fone to friends for support, one evn got out of bed to come round. tht morning i didnt go to school couldnt bring my self to it.. last one in the fam to c him :( went round to grans and picked up the rest of the family to tell them all at once... my poor gran... (his mum) was beside her self. worst feeling in my life, just rips ya heart out, he had electricuted his self... to ths day she is stil blaming her self but was so hard him being in a diff town. i wnt to school on the mon teacher asking me where i was i was still crying went bk to soon, didnt go for about a week. the day we found out there was bad thunder and lightening. have a wee joke saying that him getting a *** kicking people are getting him. lol. i never new the full story of what happend until one day mum found it out from a friend of his where he lived. bout 8 years down the track it stil hurts and feels as if it was only like yesti.... i feel like i should have wel and truley grieved now but no. hes always guna b n mi heart and thoughts but im jus sit of crying everytime think bout him or hear his fav band/song or even pictures. ive lost a few ppl over the years from suicide.... and its horrible.
there is always someone to talk to....
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sorry I feel for you