Fifteen Forever.

In 7 days it would have been the 17th birthday of my very dear friend, Cameron.
Unfortunately, Cameron - like many of us - had some very dark troubles, and on May the 2nd 2011 she took her own life.

The absence of her, and the sadness she has left behind has made me want to live a strong, fulfilling life. I wanted to be angry, but having been in that position before, I could not be angry at her for wanting to end her sadness.

I have just started my 2nd year of a Drama in the Community BA, and after this I hope to go on and get a MA in DramaTherapy and, maybe, one day, even a PhD.

The loss of Cameron has created a void in my life that no one will ever fill, and getting old only seems harder when she is stuck underground, fifteen forever.
DellyBelly DellyBelly
Sep 13, 2012