Broken Hearted

On June 21st of 2012 my husband took his life while both his father and I were home. I feel constantly numb and a sense of emptiness. People say time heals but I'm not so sure it does when it comes to suicide. People also tell me I'm grieving but I've lost other people I loved and this feeling is not remotely the same.
everthesame everthesame
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I feel the same my husband killed himself on July 4th 2012 and I miss him more and hurt more everyday that passes. I am here if you need me...........

I lost my husband of 20 years in 2006. It lessens some, but flares up a lot to this day. Getting over it is impossible .... Through it...trying to anyway. Prayers of comfort for you.

Thank you for the prayers!

Everthesame, first let me say I am so sorry for your loss. Death can be such a hard thing to overcome. I lost my brother in May of 2011. He was 26 with three children. You will never ever get over this, you will only learn how to live with it. Right now, his passing is so fresh, and new. I still remember Ricky's passing. The foggy out of body experience, sleepyless weeks, barely eating. The first 6 months were terrible. You did lose someone. You are grieving. You lost you're love. The one person who could possibly understand you more than life itsself. You have every right to grieve. Do not let anyone tell you different. You will know how much your heart and mind can take. You can always inbox me if you would like. I'm always around. much love.