Lost My Best Friend

I lost my best friend on 28th April,2102
I used to have huge crush on him in school but never had the courage to talk to him, last year (2011) we became good friends & used to share everything.. He was in a depression ealier because his GF had left him, i felt really sad & felt as a friend i would make him feel better.. in 2012 he proposed to me & i refused because i was already in a committment. for 2 days we ddint talk to eachother & i regret it. on the 3rd he committed suicide which was a big shock for me... TERRIBLE... I miss him...
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oh thats really sad and yes sometimes it will affect you for not giving him a chance and to think you are in relationship also makes alot of problem,i think the best way is to let him know that your sorry and pray that he will rest in peace.

So sorry to Hear that :-( it breaks my heart knowing some believe that's the only way out. But he's in a better place now. I believe NO matter which way you go you end up in the heavens.
I know what its like to lose a close friend and its not easy. Stay strong. :-)

Thank u so much.. & yes im sure his heaven..

I also lost my buddy who was actually my school friends...!!!!!
we miss him now also he always stays in our hearts..!!!

Can understand how it feels... The one's we lose will always be remembered, the moments spend with them will be treasured forever...

That's really sad. I feel for you. I lost a good friend through suicide a while back. Unfortunately, once their minds are made up, there's very little anybody can do to prevent it. xxxx