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My Buddy Shot Himself While Home Alone !!!!

It happened in November many years ago.. I found out by seeing his death notice in the morning paper... what a shock,,,, he went crazy at the end and took his dad's gun and literally blew his brains out while home alone! his mom came home and found him half alive on the living room couch, I will spare the gory details.. just terrible.. It messed me up for a few years mentally because i wish i had been able to help him before this happened! :( :(
Harmony247 Harmony247 41-45 3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

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A very good friend of mine took herself to the forest, poured petrol on herself and the car and set light to it. The worse thing was that she didn't die straight away as someone heard her screaming and dragged her from the car. She left behind two children the same age as my own. We've never found out what pushed her to do that and I still think about her even now, twenty years later.

I know the feelings... Not being able to do something about it.. But he is not in this messed up world anymore

yes the memory still hangs fresh in my mind ... poor Joe B.

My his soul.