I Dont Know What Happened.

I lost someone to suicide a good friend she had everything friends family that loved her soccer and violin was her passion and she lived for the music and the games she would play saturdays. then the next day the news came to a great shock suicide. nobody no one understood why she smiled for everyone she even had a bf that loved her too. nobody knew why she did it. the day she killed herself her parents and her sister were going to go grocery shopping and had asked her to go but she said she had some studying to do. they'd left she went next door to her neighbors house a good family friend and asked for their shotgun that her dad asked to use to go do some hunting for the hunting season she then went down the street to the small playground behind the trash cans and shot herself....
Her sister found her.. A tragic ending. no one knew why and our school did a silent assembly in remembrance of her she was so cool and a good friend. the day i see her is when i'll ask her why? why'd you do it?
shockness shockness
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

That is so sad....I fell for your loss. You have it right though. Only she could answer and even then she may not really know why. It is such an impulsive act made in an instant. Remember her as she really was and comfort to you...

thank you..