My Brother

My brother shot himself in the heart on April 1, 2005. His ex wife was torturing him with his kids, constantly taking him to court for more money while she was living with another man and setting up a horse ranch for herself. He lived in poverty while she was living in style. He couldn't even pay rent so he worked for the Landlords mowing lawns when he could. The Landlords were gracious to him and just let him stay there. She used the kids against him to get everything she wanted from him. Finally, he just couldn't take anymore and shot himself.
I'm now older than he was when he passed away.
She poisoned the boys towards him and they were/are really messed up. The youngest boy was in grade school when my brother passed. The school put him on a watch because he said he wanted to kill himself too. The older boy, well he naturally shut down and doesn't communicate with anyone. I think he joined the service though.
My brother owned weapons and asked me to hold on to them until they were of legal age. I made it clear to them that they could ask for them if they wanted them when they turned 18. The older boy did but has not given me the name of a gun shop to transfer them too. Honestly, because they are so screwed up. I am hesitant to turn them over. But, if they ask and tell me where to transfer them too I will.
But at this time the older boy seems to have decided to not take them and the younger boy hasn't asked for them.
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So sad :(.Tragic for the whole family left behind.Big hugs x

thank you my dear. My mom died this year in March.