I Lost My Brother...

My brother killed his self 10 years ago they say it gets easier but to be honest it doesn't, you've just got to stay strong. When you lose someone its never gonna be easy!.
He was the rock of our family. When he killed his self i was 7 years old, it tore my mum to pieces, she became servery ill, which made her house bound.
I've had to stay strong for everyone, I've been caring for my mum ever since i was 7 and still do now.
I don't think anyone can truly understand what suicide does to a family unless you've gone through it, its hard losing someone but to suicide its worse, you blame yourself!.
The one thing i know is your loved one you've lost wouldn't want you dwelling on what happened they would want you to keep strong and live a happy life.
If you lose someone to suicide just don't blame yourself, remember them for who they were and stay strong, lead a happy life for them and yourself :).
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Nov 29, 2012