You're Gone.

Today is 2 months since my best friend Carlos killed himself. September 29, 2012.. 10 days after his 15th birthday.. I feel numb some days. Other days I can feel the pain splitting my heart in half . These days aren't just every once in a while, there almost everyday. I wish I could forget it all because remembering it is so hard.. Music and drugs are my escape. He understood me.. We looked at life the same way.. I feel crazy sometimes. But I can't imagine how his mother feels. This is her second son that has died in the past 3 years. The first son was murdered. And now her other son killed himself.. He's gone.. Just like that.. In a blink of an eye.. Gone with the world still moving on.. People die everyday, I just never thought he would be one of them..
Lost0929 Lost0929
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

i understand its hard,but you can be upset and cry but it doesn't change anything its the most selfish thing someone can do.