You Took The Purpose With You.

I can't think.

Everything is blurring together. I can't even think of what to write. It's just random words floating around but I can't seem to catch them and put them together.

I'm numb.

To the pain, the world, even my thoughts.

My thoughts have been corrupted.
I feel lost. Like my soul is floating wondering around trying to find its place.

I don't care about anything.
I don't know how too anymore..

It's easier to say I fine then have to explain everything..

Cause since you left you took the sense of life with you.

It's hard to find strength when there's none left.

You left yourself hanging from a tree branch in your front lawn to have someone find you..

They find a dead 15 yr body. But that's it.. No note or anything..
No I love you. No goodbye. Just gone.. Without a word..

There is no purpose of life for me anymore.
Lost0929 Lost0929
Dec 6, 2012