Suicide Is An Especially Difficult Death To Deal With

The death of anyone before their time, not to say that death is easy when a person is old but it we expect it to happen when a person is old, is hard to deal with no matter what the reason but losing someone by their committing suicide brings up a lot of emotions not generally felt when the death is by natural causes. By natural I mean anything that can occur in the natural world whether it is by old age, accident or disease. Suicide is tough because as sad as you feel about the death of the person you can't help but be angry at them for choosing it, even though you realize how much mental pain they must be in to choose death over living. It makes us angry with them for making their loved ones hurt and it makes us angry with ourselves for being angry with a loved one that has just died. I have been close friends with two people who have killed themselves and both times it was very tough to deal with. Neither one had a terminal disease, unless terminal unhappiness is a disease, but I had to learn to forgive them because they did not kill themselves to hurt anyone - only to release themselves from a pain so great I sincerely hope I never feel it.
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Dec 8, 2012