My Mother

well this story is not suicide, but anyway i would like too share it. my name is luna mayell, i am 12 years old, and i lost my mom at 4 years old. she was so bright, intelligent, funny, and very VERY beautiful! i loved her with all my heart. but i will get too the sstory.

I was 4 years old, and my dad told me the story of why it happened. she was 11 years old when she got super sick, she went to the hospitol, and they told her that she had to take a sertain medicine to get better. but little did they know she was ellergic too the main ingrediant penasiline. so she got sicker and sicker until, her mom (my grandma) took her home. and thankfully she got better. but because of all the penaciline she hade it effected her at the age of 34.

now the story of the tragic night.
i hade just woke up from a strange dream, when i heard banging, i thought it was in the living room but it was in the bathroom, i saw my mom lying on the floor DYING! i was so scared, because i did not know what was happening. but my dad found her first and amediantly called the police. he took me too the nieghbors house, were my bff lived. a little 2 year old named garret. the next morning i woke up with my dad next to me crying. we were still at the neighbors house, i said too him "what's wrong daddy, why are you so sad?" (because i hated and still do when parents cry. he said "come home and i will tell you. we walk home he sits me on the coach and i say "where is mommy?" and then he told me that she was gone, had left us, past away. i was so scared i did not know what the hell he was talking about. so i smiled and walked into thier room, she was not there. so i had just realized why she was in the bathroom on the ground. i started to cry but inside i was emberrassed too show my dad. i went too school the same day and when we got there i had the BIGGEST crush on a 5 year old, anyway him and his mom were there and his mom was crying and my dad hugged his mom. looke-shabooke my dad and i called the little boy, was like "why are you so sad?" too my dad and he said that my mom had went to heaven. my mom was the best, i will never forget the awesome times i had with her, how she loved too cook, how she was a model, her laugh. whenever i see a picture of her i start too cry i miss you so much mommy!!!
she also worked at my school she had so many friends there. i love her with all my heart
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Dec 10, 2012