The Train Tracks That Changed Everything

In 2010 I lost two of my best friends Gina and Vanessa.They were like my older siblings. In january Gina lost her boyfriend to a hit and run. All three of us were greaving because we were so close to him. We decided to make a pact so one day all three of us went to the train tracks till the cops came and told us to get off the tracks. Two weeks later my parents moved me out of the district. On feb. 25th the two of them went to the tracks and didnt back down. They jumped in front of the train. Somehow i believe its my fault that i didnt say anything. I could of saved them. I go to therapy now I realized life is to short to end it.
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I am so sorry. Don't feel it was your fault. That will make it worse. They chose to end it and you couldn't have stopped them. like i say, i am so sorry and i hope this helps.