Well, Here Goes Nothing.

It was the 7th grade. Someone outted me to the entire school, telling everyone how i liked both girls and guys. I never wanted anyone to know until I was raedy. But the tormenting came, from every where I went. I got facebook posts, someone even made a facebook page telling everyone how liking the same gender was wrong and that I should kill myself.
I began cutting.
The next morning when I woke up I looked out my window to see if it had snowed, but I noticed other things. My windows were covered in egg, and my yard was full of pills. They wanted me to overdose. So, I went outside and one by one I picked up the pills and put them in a bowl. I took one, then two, then it added up to 9. I didn't know what I was taking but it was to the point where I don't remember now. I woke up in the hospital; I had to have my stomach pumped. If I would have continued death would have been my fate that day
Life is a prize, don't even regret anything you do, but feel blessed Jesus woke you up this morning.
doyoureallywanttoliveforever doyoureallywanttoliveforever
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I am at a lost for words. I cannot express how happy I am that you stood through such sadness. Please share you strength :)

Never listen to what those people say!
There's absolutly nothing wrong with liking boys and girls.
Good thing that you made it.