What Should I Do?

I recently tryed to commit suicide. At first i thought i had it all planned out but i didnt. I thought of using pills, hanging from a tree, suffacation and sliting your arm. I just couldnt get myself to do anything apart slit my wrists, but of course the cut wasnt big enough. I know many people say if you want to die , then just do it but i love my family too much. Can someone help me get over my suicidal thoughts? I dont want to kill myself but every time i am alone i try!
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look up stanford lectures on depression on youtube, I was shocked that there is a misconception about coping and suicide, but this post proves you need someone to acknowledge your pain and I tell you now whatever is so hard to bare right now, you have a right to live and a right to fight for a happy and great existence and your family, bite the pride and hug all of them...don't wait to tell them you love them, take that step and dont be afraid. I would hug you right now, because thats exactly what i need, too.

Please don't give up

Get professional help and make arrangements so that you are not alone. Exercise can really help. Long walks with a friend or family member can help. When you are alone work on hobbies or projects to help your mind focus on positives and not the suicidal thoughts. I am facing this myself right now. It is a struggle but I am still alive after several months of this depressive episode. Focus on being safe and take great care of yourself. God Bless.

Don't give up.
I do suicidal work. Suicide,depression, abuse, bullying, starvation, you name it.
People who REALLY want help actually seek it. I'm proud of you for doing so

Email me at peace4ever14@gmail.com
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