Dennis was a friend and more. Both of us being bipolar, when times were good the were REAL GOOD!  The only problem was instead of the prescribed meds he liked his candy. He never had a good job as he would fall so hard that he couldn't work and then when he was up he looked for ways to buy what he needed. Dennis ended up getting arrested a few times and per his wishes, they put him in a state facility for drug addicts. We thought this would be the thing to get him on track.... and then the call. Dennis hung himself in his room w/ the bed sheets...


He did the right thing, he asked for help, loud and clear, and yet they/we still failed him. It's not f^cking fair!

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All part of what has made you a respectable person of depth, you have great strength.

That is so least you seem to have it in perspective and remember the good times...

I'm sorry to hear that.