No Exit

I've stopped counting how many people who were very close I've lost to suicide.  Family members, very close friends, associates, colleagues.  I've come to understand how common it is.  Recently I learned that the #1 cause of death for adults with Bipolar Disorder - beating out cancer, heart disease, etc. - is suicide.  The other thing I've come to understand about suicide is that it is the ultimate act of anger - it is intended to hurt those who are left behind.  Ultimately it is just a waste - life is already so short.
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You are right. Sometimes it is simply a matter of ending intolerable pain. But in some cases it is an act of anger, intended to leave a permanent scar on those who - the injured party believes - caused the suffering.

I certainly don't mean to be disrespectful, as I am well aware of the pain you must be in. However, I need to say that I do not believe that suicide is truly intended to hurt those who are left behind. Given my experiences with losing friends and family to suicide, I have come to understand that it is meant only to end the suffering that the person who kills themselves is in, not to inflict that suffering onto someone else. Also, I truly believe (call me niave if you must) that in some cases suicide is meant to prevent the person from becoming a burden on their friends and family - that they person who commits suicide means it as an act of kindness, not cruelty. Please remember that, as you point out in your entry, suicide is so often an act commited by someone who is ill, with Bipolar Disorder, depression, or so many other mental disorders. Suicide is not always the act of someone who can fully conceive of how radically their behavior will affect those who love them.

The more a person isolates, the easier it is to view problems as insurmountable.

sometimes i dont really understand people who committ suicide or why anyone would want to end their life so short..but other times i kind of realize that some people are too sad and are already dead in spirit..which doesnt make it right, just a better understanding.