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Well where do i start, i have a friend that i've been friend with for almost 5 yrs. he's always seemed so happy with life, and his family seemed so happy also. and i never knew about it but his mom was seriously depressed and had alot of other problems with her. he told me the story and i would like to share it. i remember this story so vividly in my mind. here goes.

he said he came home like a normal day after school to take home his books and stuff from school, and to tell his mom and his little sis that he loved theme befor he whent to work, he said when he opened the door he could smell gun powder. and he knew excally what had happened. he said he got to her room and he saw her laying there with a shot gun in her hands, and he walked beside her and he was gonna give her CPR but he knew it would do no good. because half her face was blown off. from the jaw line up was completely gone. behind the bed they had this huge mirror that covered the whole wall. and he said over half the mirror was covered in blood and he couldnt see his reflection because there was soo much blood. he finally called the cops and they took over. i couldnt believe the message he sent me online over msn. he said OMG! My mom killed herself. i thought he was kidding. but later i found out he wasnt. it took him about a month to return back to the house. and she killed herself 2 days befor his birthday i remember him gettin online at his grandparents house and we was talkin and then he just sudenly said "Congradulations (his name) your moms dead for ur birthday" that made me bawl so hard i cant image when he was going threw no one can untill it happens to them. i helped him threw so much. and he liked me soo bad, and he's had rought times in relationships. and stuff and he's depressed and i made it worse by tellin him i didnt like him like he liked me. and it broke his heart i know it did. im just afraid he will do the same to himself as his mom did. thanks for readin my story
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That is an awful story.......<br />
I too found my mom dead, but the scene wasn't gruesome with blood everywhere. Nonetheless, the look on my moms face and seeing her laying in bed the way she was, lips were blue, skin was cold and stiff.<br />
That is an image that i will never forget. It is forever em<x>bedded in my mind and not the last memory i enjoy having of my mom.<br />
i knew she was depressed, but never imagined she would do this to herself or her family.<br />
it has been almost a year now and i just need someone to talk to about this.