I Know the Pain Tho I Have Not Experienced It First Hand

i know the pain of suicide tho i have never experienced it first hand. My best friend jayden was the one who shared with me the story of one of our friends. i wont mention his name but i can say he was never a happy person. his dad beat him and his mom made him feel worthless. he had tried it b4 and his attempt did not work out. jayden was at his house one night wit two of our other friends i cudnt be there i was babysitting (god do i regret that) they were all going out to the movies and she was sitting there and she said that she decided that they had better get going. since our friend was the only one who could drive at the time she went to go get him. she walked down the hall calling his name over and over but she cudnt here anything. she walked into his room to find him laying there with his neck slit. "all i cud think was omg he did this now" was wat she told me. "i was standing in his blood" she said "it was everywhere, i could see his windpipe and everything else that was in his neck. i was so scared and i was crying. it was so disgusting but i couldnt look away" she said. one day we were at a camp and it was about a year after it had happend we had dressed really emo that day and she just broke down and told me everything. i knew i had to share our story even tho its hard to think about him even now.

alway forever </3 vanna


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OMG I would of hated to see that but like your friend I wouldn't of been able to look away from the horrible site because I would of been in such shock. It's good that she broke down and told you the story I'm sure she felt better but of course it doesn't change anything your friend is still gone and I feel for you and your friend.