You'll Never Know How Someone Really Feels =[

he was always smiling ... he was one of those people who loved to have fun go to parties and make people smile. he loved being in his fraternity. and he was always himself =].. he was really a special person and everyone knew him.. and never had anything bad to say aboutg him.. when he was younger his father commited suicide and he lived with his mom older sister who was in college and... he was off to college [ he had a scholoarship] his mom was  dating a man whose wife had died of a illness ...well march 31, 2007 he was at a party and his girfriend and him was arguing but they said the they had seen him sitting on the steps outside the party by his self crying... he left the party i supose.. because after the party was over they found him hang in the kitchen of the frat house .... it's said to hear and i still don't understand how something could make him take his life away he left notes that the family won't share with his friends...=[ so we will never know exactly why i still check his myspace and his last login was 3-29-2007 his song on his page is she's my everything by brad paisley in his who i'd like to meet it says my dad again =[ and last but not least his headline is lambda chi alpha till i die..=[  and now he is gone if your thinking of taking your life remember God put you here for a reason life is special even tho we all go through struggles but some of us just have different one's no on is perfect

dmlewis08 dmlewis08
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2007