I Lost My Bestfriend

I still to this day blame her Father, what a bad, nasty person he was. I also blame her Mother, she was just as bad as her Father.

Re-living this is hard and can be very painful at times, but I lost my bestfriend.

Not only did she commit suicide, but she committed suicide right in front of me, gun to the head, one shot, and she was gone. The only thing I could think about was I never got to say good bye.

She was a beautiful young blonde talented girl.
I guess I saw it coming, but she never hurt herself, she was a strong, or at least I thought she was.

I miss her more then life, but I have learned to forget.
Forget the pain and forget what I saw.

RIP baby.

SimplySarah SimplySarah
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Why didn't u try and stop her

that's sad :( I felt a chill through my backspine when I read this... I'm glad you've managed to move on... Such an event can't be easy to witness :(