Since my partners suicide a bit over two months ago I find myself constantly questioning rather I really want to remain here with out him.
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Hang in there taking your own life will not be the answer you need to live life to the fullest for her because she could not. At least that's what I'm trying to do for my mother who took her own life in 2009 and it still feels like it happened yesterday hang in there and I'll hang in there with you k !!!!?

Being left behind is so hard. Next week brings the 9th anniversary of my soulmates departure. It still makes me question the same thing. However, I find a way to continue on. I don't want suicide to be the legacy I leave my children

The world is still a beautiful place. Give yourself a chance to experience it all. A cup of good coffee and a slice of cake. A good book. A road trip to a National Park. Photography of flowers, sunsets and people or a swim with dolphins. Helping a friend. There are many people who can't or don't anymore, even though they want to. I'm sorry you feel low. I know my poor words aren't medicine in any form. I hope you will be strong enough to walk out of this shadow into the light.

this was a long time ago. but a neighbors son who like me back then had epilepsy and was my younger brothers friend one day while alone cleaning his gun, lost his life when he as ive been told killed glp.

so sad... I struggle to live as do many others yet some people just are able to kill themselves. I am so so sad but I don't have the guts to hurt myself

I'm sure he would want you to stay alive and live your life to the fullest. It's a real shame to hear about your loss, but I'm certain it's not worth ending your life too. He wouldn't want this to happen to you too.

Thank you. I just need hope and I need God to be my center. I'm struggling, some days I think I'm going to be ok and others I am completely miserable and sad. I know time heals but I need purpose and I need to love and be loved. Sorry for ranting