My name is jessica I'm 27 I lost my mom to suicide may17 th 2009 I'm starting a support group for families left behind after a suicide it called Julie's hope. I'm looking for other people that would under stand what I'm going through and to join me at my meetings I live in Garfield heights ohio message me or call me at 440-444-4066
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This is an amazing idea. I wish I didn't live so far! I lost my mother a year and a half ago to suicide and its hard to talk about it with people that haven't experienced loss. I know they mean well, but sometimes they don't understand how deeply it hurts. Wishing you peace and many hugs!

I would love to help this idea you have yet , thats a far drive. But I respect this idea fully it's great, and as for the issue, I am truely sorry for what happened, ik it makes nothing easier but at least a way to think about it is that maybe it gave them piece of mind through her eyes.

Thank you for wanting to help! Were are you from ? Did you no someone that committed suicide ?

My condolences. All the best with your work.

Sorry for your loss. I don't live in your area but wish I had that type of support group when I really needed it. Stay strong!

Thank you I wish I had the support to that's why I'm starting my own group. You hang in there I'm here to talk when ever you got time or need somone !!

Thank you. The same for you if you ever need an ear.

Thank you have a good night

I'm sorry for your lose who was it that you lost

That's horrific I'm so sorry. Has this sight help you ? It's my first day on !

I just started taking about now! Thank you for listening. I just got off my depression meds so now there's nothing masking the pain so it's hitting me hard. Thank you for responding , I'm here for you to !!