My Son Killed Himself. I Want to Help Other Kids.

 T he oldest of my 3 sons committed suicide 2 yrs ago at the age of 20. He was a college student. The first 3 months after his death I was numb, I guess I was sure he'd be knocking at our door anytime. I even saved leftovers for him. After that it was hell (and I mean hell) for 18 months. I made a promise to my shrink everyday: Today I'm not gonna kill myself. When I was told that I should get electroshock therapy something incredible happened. I said goodbye to my shrink and my psychologist and started with alternative medicine. Five months later, I'm back on my feet, at peace with my son and taking good care of my two other children (19 and 14). The 19 year-old has bipolar disorder so he's at increased risk of suicide and requires constant care. But with my pranic healing, Bach flowers, yoga and meditation, and especially my faith in God, I (with the help of my husband and other people) am starting a teen and young adult suicide prevention project in my country (Chile). I am also joining different groups to offer my help to young people, even if it's just to listen to them and let them know that someone cares. All the love I had for my son when he was alive is now available for those kids who have no one to turn to. I will be very, very happy if I can be useful to someone.
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I'm sorry for you loss . I have been contemplating some things over the last 4 years and I think I agree that messages like your own here could be just a step to hold back from pulling the trigger ...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're hurting so much as to think about ending your life. You can write to me at if you'd like to talk about it. Seven years after my post, I'm creating a foundation in memory of my son, Fundación José Ignacio, to create awareness about teenage suicide.

Hi. I felt I had to write you. You are very strong. My sister commited suicide almost 2 years ago. It has been really hard, and my mother was just starting to regain her spirit to life. My mom just lived for hur two daughters and when the oldest died she was torn apart. Even though she seemed happy this summer, she got in to a psychosis in a matter of days. she thought she was being followed by spies. She killed herself a week ago and I saw her body after she had jumped. I am traumatized. And she was my best friend. she would never put me through this in her right mind.

I just wanted to share my story because I need help too. I am trying to keep it together but my mom was my everything. I have a father now, and a boyfriend. If I would not have them, I would not hesitate a second to go to my mother and sister. I pray that I can be strong and get through this.

I just saw your post. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you. Please write to me at so we can talk if you feel like it.

You are amazing.<br />
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I just wanted to let you know.

I always feel a bit lighter in my heart when i here how hard people will work to help people you don't even know yet.<br />
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There are so many who just need a hand and an ear.<br />
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Take Care of Yourself, and know that while you may not be able to save the world, you can definantly save a life and to somebody that is the world.<br />
<br />

You are a very strong person for enduring this ordeal. I have teenagers and I don't know what I'd ever do if this ever happened to me. I suffer from depression myself. I admire your courage and I wish you good luck in your journey helping troubled youngsters. May God bless you.