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My cousin's fiancee hung himself just after New Years this year. Not one person has got a clue why. He had everything - they'd just bought a house, had a 6 month daughter and got engaged. (I've been wondering if that was all pressure for him??) But me and my cousin are close so it hurts when she hurts. But I can't even begin to imagine the real hurt and confusion she has to live with every single day now. He was also my brother-in-law's best friend. So I hurt for my brother-in-law too. And my sister.

Another friend of our's then decided to do the same the other day. Just when things were starting to feel the tiniest bit like getting back to normality. So there's no answers. To either of their to why..

And I'm so mad at them both. I can't understand the selfishness of them

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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

No you never really do understand why they did it....and i know...ive lost 2 people already to suicide both within months of each other and you ask yourself over and over again "why?" but you get to the point where your sick of talking to a brick wall cause your never gonna get an answer from a dead person (unless your able to talk to the other side) so you just learn to accept it coz theres nothing else you can do...just know they are in a better place...theyre own place...theyre dream world...but the real world now...u know. Theyre not alone cause theyre with the others who have passed before them and so on.