My Love

I lost the love of my life. He was fighting for his contury, he had the choice to die or save someone. He didnt think twice about, he went in there saved him and lost his life. I cry everyday, I lost him 4 months ago. My life will never be the same, I dont think I could ever love anyone like I loved him. He puprosed to me before he left to go to war, he said "I hope you will be waiting for me when I get back, and stick with me thru thick and thin. Youll always be the girl for me, I want to marry you when I get back." I cant handle it, I have fallen in to a deep depression. I turn to alochol for comfort.. I want to die, I want to be with him again.
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1 Response May 2, 2012

I wrote a poem called "They were so Young" I don't know what happened on the ship my son is on. All of a sudden no e-mails were coming. I kept on writing and telling him I knew he would answer when he could, but I'll try not to worry. I can only imagine what you and his family have gone through, since you were on the receiving end of bad news. You were at least faithful and waiting for him. When they sign up, they know that the worst might happen, and your young man was so brave.
I know words don't help that much but think of those who love you. Don't inflict pain on them. Live one day at a time, you will make it.