My Grandma , & My Two Grandpas .

While growing up I lost my grandma and my two grandfathers . They were the only grandparents that I ever really knew and that I loved .
The first one that passed away was my grandpa that was 71 years old . There was no cause of death , but everyone seems to think that my mom is the one that killed my grandfather . Since my grandpa was allergic to ibuprofen they thought that since my mom had put her medicine in there with his so that no one would touch it that she had switched his daily medicine with ibuprofen . I was very disapointed to hear what they were saying about my mom .
The second one that passed away was my grandpa that had the cause of death I don't really know of . All I know was that he was in the hospital for a long time and they put him on life support and my family finally agreed that they wouldn't let him sit there in pain from all of the diseases that he had at the time . After he passed away his body was donated to science and they are looking for a cure to skin cancer and many other diseases that can be running through someones skin and blood .
The third would be my beloved grandmother that passed away two years ago . She passed away from breast cancer . She didn't know that she had breast cancer till she finally gave up and went to the hospital , because he had a really bad migraine to the point where she couldn't walk or anything . If you think about it she knew that something was wrong , because he hadn't seen a doctor in sixty six years and she was strong about being sick until that time . Unfortunately , she found out when it was too late . The cancer had spread to her brain , kidneys , lungs , breasts and bladder .
TiqqerGore TiqqerGore
18-21, F
Nov 10, 2012