"friends With Benefits"

From the very first day we met, you made it very clear to me that I was not your type. You wanted a strong woman who was not as emotional as I was. But I was so intrigued by you that I gave in to the seduction. I settled for just the physical, hoping that in time, you would live me, no matter how broken and imperfect I was. Days went by, and then months...
Now, it's been a year and a half since I started out on this mission of winning your heart.
Like a psychic vampire, you have depleted me of all my love and emotional energy and I am left with nothing more to give. My heart has been sucked dry and has shattered into a million tiny pieces...
I see the disgust in your eyes and it reads "how pathetic is she to love herself so little while loving me so much". It was that look that made me close my heart, resulting in the rest of me going limp. It hurt so much that death came to me as my only salvation.
But I digged deep down into my soul and found a tiny fragment of my heart that you were not able to touch, and used it to slowly rebuild my self love...and as the painful days faded away, I slowly began to feel my heartbeat gain it's strength again. My broken and lifeless body began to move as if being carried by the strong arms of angels. I hear the whispers of these angels in my ear telling me to stand up and face the new day. Love yourself sweetheart and in time, the pain of him will fade away...
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

your better than that hun, keep your head up!

You're in my prayers <3